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If you’d like to daven and nosh periodically with other Jews who share your general hashkafa (world view), hear Torah taught aligned with conservative values, have wide ranging informed conversation with other Jews who think similarly, give us a try.

Democratic policies are ruining America: Record poverty, debt, deficits, teenage out of wedlock births, poor recovery from recession, misuse of government agencies to harass citizens, pitting races against each other, chrony capitalism, government growing bigger and bigger, abandoning and betraying our allies, gutting our military, empowering our enemies and so much more. The reality is, nearly every non Orthodox synagogue in the USA is a Democratic synagogue. People just assume everyone is a Democrat around the Kiddush table. The Rabbis toss off Democratic platitudes he/she reads in the New York Times, as if it is Torah. Often Rabbis can even specifically condemn Republican candidates and policies without Board disapproval. The rabbi of t…