If you’d like to daven and nosh periodically with other Jews who share your general hashkafa (world view), hear Torah taught aligned with conservative values, have wide ranging informed conversation with other Jews who think similarly, give us a try.

Democratic policies are ruining America: Record poverty, debt, deficits, teenage out of wedlock births, poor recovery from recession, misuse of government agencies to harass citizens, pitting races against each other, chrony capitalism, government growing bigger and bigger, abandoning and betraying our allies, gutting our military, empowering our enemies and so much more.
The reality is, nearly every non Orthodox synagogue in the USA is a Democratic synagogue. People just assume everyone is a Democrat around the Kiddush table. The Rabbis toss off Democratic platitudes he/she reads in the New York Times, as if it is Torah. Often Rabbis can even specifically condemn Republican candidates and policies without Board disapproval. The rabbi of the biggest synagogue in Minnesota said, with a Republican US senator sitting in the congregation :No republican official will  ever step foot on this bimah” (the Senator quit and joined my shull). 

Why is this needed?

Do you really think Jewish law, values and God want policies that:
-encourage enemies of the US?
-weaken the US?
-spend spend spend irregardless of debt and deficit?
-encourage multi generational welfare dependency?
-encourage family breakups?
-praise unemployment?
-boo Israel at the major convention?
-whose last president meets regularly with Muslim brotherhood terrorists in the White House?
-lies repeatedly to the American people? (Benghazi was caused by a video, IRs scandal, you can keep your policy etc etc
-leads IRS, Justice department to harass political opponent.
-Inciting race against each other instead of a color blind society as MLK dreamed of? 
-Thinks freedom means equal outcome instead of equal opportunity
-where Social security and Medicare reforms to make then sustainable are blocked and demagogued  by Democrats, ensuring rapid collapse?
-the nation's leader promises to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons but continuously acts to allow them to move forward?

 If you are one of the 30-40% of Jews who disagree with those views, but remain silent for fear of being ostracized, and don’t like when the Rabbi supports policies and viewpoints you know are wrong and bad for America, but are too polite to contradict him, and stay silent too often for fear of alienating your friends, it’s time to join Yemina- Chicago.

     I was a pulpit rabbi for 30 years and although was always able to share my staunch pro Israel perspective without getting pressure from the Board, not all rabbis can do that and many increasingly are siding with anti Israel groups pretending to be pro Israel, such as J street.
     When it came to issue like big government, excessive taxation, the drift toward socialism, the booing of Jerusalem at the Democratic convention 2012, Democrats aiding Obama’s treachery with Iran, Democrats supporting Obama as he weakens our military, purposely keeps our economy from growing, pits races and classes against one another, lies repeatedly, etc, I kept silent from the pulpit for fear of offending the members. I had an amazing meeting with President Bush in 2003 (one of 10 rabbis) between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and hesitated long and hard about mentioning it on Yom Kippur. I did and lost some members over it.
    Many of us understand  Jewish values much more closely align with conservative values and policies by far, and that many democratic policies are very dangerous. http://dangerousdemocraticparty.blogspot.com/
A few examples of issues: welfare and dependency, private property, abortion, big government, capital punishment, the centrality of the nuclear family, resisting anti-Semitism and Islamic militant expansion (Obama met with Muslim brotherhood leader in February and has clearly tilted to aiding Iran